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The purpose of this publication is to advocate for reopening the Upper Stehekin Valley Road as an essential public access corridor into the North Cascades."
~ R. Scutt
  Stehekin Heritage publication compares the year of 1958 when Sierra Club founder David Brower drove to Cottonwood camp for a hiking excursion with his sons with access in 2008.

In 2008, David and his sons would be unable to access the heart of the Cascades as they did fifty years ago.

Permanent Road Closure!
What does the public lose?

The effects of the Upper Valley Road closure.

Historical Overview of "The Way Through"

"The vitality of this little mountain community and the well being of the residents and visitors depend in large part on the ability to access the inspirational and historical upper Stehekin Road. "The Way Through" is a unique passageway that ties us not only to unsurpassed beauty, but also to meaningful American historical footsteps.
~ Liz Courtney

  Graphs of visitors visiting the upper and lower Stehekin Valley before and after the flood of 2003, as well as, quotes from the National Park Service General Management Plan describing the importance of keeping the Upper Valley Road open to visitors.
  Public Access - The Upper Valley Road & The Law - Laws creating the vast park complex specifically address the maintenance of Stehekin's upper valley road to provide for public access.
  Linda Evans Parlette, 12th Legislative District Washington State Senator, writes Senators Cantwell and Murray requesting support for reopening the Upper Stehekin Valley Road.
  Map of the Stehekin Valley Road, Picture of valley residents supporting efforts to reopen the Upper Valley Road.

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  "Access Critical To Public Safety" - Letter from Stehekin Fire District #10 Commissioners concerning the importance of opening the Upper Valley Road for the purpose of public safety. Editing error
  "Wilderness Fans Lobby for … A Road" by Seattle Times Columnist, Ron Judd. "A more reasoned approach would be to consider wilderness access questions not with religious zeal but case-by-case reasoning."
  Terry Lavender's response to an editorial posted in the "Wild Cascades," a publication produced by the North Cascades Conservation Council.

  "Don't Call it a National Park" - written by Tracey Warner, Editorial Page Editor, The Wenatchee World, Wenatchee Washington.
Suggested Actions - A review of material and call to action.
Essential addresses and request for support.
  Jeff Bilbro poem - "Drinking The Mountain" - Petition form - Quotes by former Washington State Governors' Evans and Lowry.